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So Many Gifts

Everything we receive from God is a gift. And God has so many gifts for us. I remember as a kid, the excitement of Christmas was almost more than I could stand. All those presents wrapped up so pretty and waiting for me to open them. And they had my name on them. Some of them were large and some were very small, some were soft and some were hard, some made noise when you shook them and some were very heavy. My sister and I would sit around the presents and have a discussion about what we thought was in those packages. My parents didn't have a ton of money, we were a preacher family, but they somehow seemed to manage to make Christmas the best holiday every year.

For my birthday, my parents, would make it such a special day. I got to pick the place to eat and it seemed I was the queen for the day. The gifts were a surprise and were not under the tree waiting for me like at Christmas, but they were so personal and just right for me and what I really needed or wanted at the time. It was always a surprise that said "You are known and You are loved." God has gifts like that too. God has personal gifts for us that that say, " I know you and I love you." And he is showering them down from heaven all the time.

God has a gift for you

with your name on it.

it is then we feel Jesus say,

" I know you


I love you."


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