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In Isaan, people taking their dreams very seriously. Sometimes they are evil and really scare them, but very often, people have spiritual dreams from God.

One lady had a dream that she died and was raised back to life. The reason she was raised was that Someone else died in her place, but she did not know who that was. She came over to her neighbors house, who was a believer in Jesus, and asked her, "Who is it that died in my place?" Her neighbor replied, "It is Jesus!" She received Christ the next week.

Another lady, the one in the photo, had a dream in which she saw me, even though she had never seen me before. In the dream she knew that I would come and show her the way. That Saturday, it was not easy for me to go and I nearly did not, as I did not feel well, but this lady had requested we come and pray for her daughter. When she saw me she knew it was who she saw in her dream. That really strengthened her faith that she was on the right path. Her daughter and some of her relatives prayed to receive Jesus that day. Since then God has really blessed as many of her family members have come to the Lord too.


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