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New Villages Open Up

Praise the Lord! We are happy to report that the money was donated in full for the installation of a well for the people of Myanmar!

This month, Bill will be returning to the area to encourage the believers and teach them more stories so they can reach out to their people in the region.

Here in Thailand, our team has been seeing good response with nine baptisms last week and three more today! Multiplication has begun!

A few days ago we got our first shipment of Isaan New Testaments. This is the first published New Testament in Isaan ever! A missionary has been working on the translation for 25 years. Since we are using Bible Stories to convey salvation and discipleship, it is important to have the word of God in the people’s heart language. We were excited to see how our people would respond.

Last night, one of the team members was really happy and said it would make it so much easier for them to understand and remember the stories.

God has been using the stories in amazing ways. A few weeks ago we met at the home of Mae Nuan and her husband Pa Sa who had been ill and unable to get up. We were telling the story of how Jesus raised Jairus' daughter from the dead. As we were retelling with dramatization, we got to the part where Jesus took the hand of the little girl and said to her, “Rise up.” One of our ladies, acting as Jesus, walked over and reached out to Pa Sa on the mat. I was nervous that she began to pull him up off the mat to walk. But he said as soon as she did, the power of God went into his body and his legs were strong! He said ever since then he has been healed!

Thank you for your prayers and support for us and this ministry in Thailand and Burma!

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